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In-Depth on Post-Processing

Post-Processing is a major drain on your time and resources!

Many of today’s photographers are now spending more time in front of a computer processing images than they are spending actually shooting assignments or marketing their business. While this time may be seen by the photographer as “productive” it is actually extremely costly and, ultimately, does little to increase their turnover.

If you go back 50 years, the majority of studios had their own darkroom. Over time these were dispensed with and the majority of professional photographers sent their images to a professional laboratory to develop and print their images. Ironically, when the industry made great leaps forward and entered the digital era, photographers took a major step back and returned to the era of developing their own work. Why? Not only does this require the professional photographer to now be an expert in computing hardware and software while spending vast sums of money on the latest computers and programs, but also creates many, many hours of additional work, taking up valuable time when the photographer should be earning an income from shooting assignments or marketing their business. The time spent processing your own images is unproductive and a cost to your business.

Pro-Darkroom can relieve you of this burden, allowing you more time to increase your income without the need to employ an assistant. We realise that image correction and enhancement is extremely subjective and, through various means, we try to work with you to gain an understanding of your expectations and preferences. Information like the percentage of images you like in black and white, how warm or cold you like your prints, style of photography, types of packages, etc., are all important for us to be able to “develop” your images the way you would.

Each request is accompanied by a “job sheet”, completed by the photographer, detailing any specific instructions, sizes, preferences (not already detailed within their profile), etc. This ensures that the processing accurately reflects the photographer’s requirements.

As a further incentive, photographers using our post-processing services will receive Credit Points for each completed processing request; these points are then used against the cost of their Pro-Darkroom Gallery (assuming they are registered for this service as well). In this way we can help reduce the cost to photographers using a combination of our services.

We offer a complete range of solutions, starting from basic enhancement right through to remedial work and restoration of historic/damaged images. We endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible and our pricing structure simple. Please see our complete Service Description and the Services Overview for further details on the various options.