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Post-Processing Service Overview

Correction and Enhancement of digital images has become a standard part of most professional digital photographer's working week. Not only is it a necessary evil, but the resulting quality can have a direct impact on how the photographer's work is perceived. It is unrealistic to expect most photographers to be highly skilled computer operators as well as dedicated artists and, for many, the hours spent after a shoot in front of a computer can equal, or even exceed, the time it took to shoot the actual event. This is a costly and unproductive use of their time.

By using Pro-Darkroom to fulfil the Post-Processing, a significant amount of time can be made available for you to be more productive and increase your revenue or, perhaps, take some time out for yourself and your family.

Pro-Darkroom provides two primary services; a Standard Service and a more expensive Premium Service. The fundamental difference is that with the Premium Service you are assigned a dedicated operator. The primary benefit of this facility is that, over time, this operator gains an in-depth understanding of your style, likes and dislikes, and how you like your work to be interpreted. Obviously even the most dedicated operator requires holidays and may occasionally find themselves sick. On these occasions you can either choose to wait for their return or have another operator undertake that particular assignment.

The Standard Service is of just as high a quality, however, as your images may be prepared by any one of a number of operators there is more onus on the information held within your profile/preferences (entered by yourself) being correct and less personal knowledge about your requirements. Naturally, for regular clients, every effort is still made to have your work processed by the same operator each time, but there is no guarantee of this.

Irrespective of whether you choose to use the Standard Service or the Premium Service, you have the option of either using the built-in upload facility or sending the images via CD/DVD. From both a cost and a turn-around time perspective we would always suggest using the built-in upload facility. This not only ensures the images can be processed sooner, but saves the extra costs involved in supplying and burning CD/DVDs. Unfortunately, in an effort to keep our costs as low as possible, we feel it necessary to place an extra charge on delivery via CD/DVDs as there is, not only, the physical cost of the media plus postage & packing, but the extra time spent in burning and verifying the data and, rather than spread the cost of this across all the services, we feel that this small extra charge should be borne by those choosing not to use the built-in upload facility.