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Post-Processing Prices

The costs for all Post-Processing work are calculated at an extremely competitive hourly rate. In order to both simplify the charging process and to provide you with an indication of the cost before you submit your work we have, where possible, calculated average figures for some of the standard packages. This allows you to enter in the total number of images you will be submitting and receive a price immediately. It should be noted that these are based on averages with some allowance for a limited number of “problem images”, eye-openings, etc. Where there is likely to be a significant amount of extra work that will need to be charged for you will be informed before any extra work is undertaken, giving you the opportunity to decline/authorise the increased cost.

For work where it is impossible to fix a price before submission, the operator will provide you with an estimate, once they have seen the image(s). This estimate will normally consist of an upper and lower figure. Usually, it is hoped that the final cost will be closer to the lower figure, however, should the time required to complete the work exceed the estimate you will not pay any more than the upper figure. Any discrepancy will be down to Pro-Darkroom to absorb.

Standard Service Pricing

Option Cost
Skimming 0.05 per image
Raw Conversion 0.74 per image
Weddings and Location Portraits, etc. High Key Studio Portraiture (Pure white background)
Basic Option (Includes: Colour Correction, Exposure/Density Correction, Sharpening, Cropping & Sizing plus limited Eye-opening, Remedial Work, etc.) 0.81 per image 3.00 per image
Remedial Work 27.00 per hour
Skimming 27.00 per hour
Eye Opening 27.00 per hour
Blemish Correction 27.00 per hour
Object Removal or Inclusion 27.00 per hour
Montage/Collage creation 27.00 per hour
Retouching 27.00 per hour
Clipping Paths 27.00 per hour
Contact Sheet Creation 27.00 per hour
Web Image Sizing and Gallery Upload 27.00 per hour
Additional Fees (per job) Cost
Administration Fee 10.00
CD/DVD Submissions 15.00
Postage & Packaging At cost

All prices exclude any local taxes and exclude any discounts given