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Post-Processing Service Description

Pro-Darkroom provides both a Standard Service and a Premium Service. Both services include exactly the same facilities with the exception that, with the Premium Service, you are assigned a dedicated operator. For further details on this difference please see the Services Overview section.

You have the choice of either uploading your images via our built-in upload facility or sending them via CD/DVD, however, please note that there is a small cost and time implication should you choose to send/receive your images via CD/DVD. Please see the Services Overview section for further information on this.

A Job Sheet will need to be completed with every order. The Job Sheet provides you with the facility to identify what Options you require plus detail any specific requirements against the complete batch or against specific images. These details provide the operators with their initial point-of-reference.

For a detailed description of the Options available please see the Options section.

The average turn-around time for images received via the built-in upload facility is usually 3 to 4 working days. Depending on the time of year, the service requested and the number of images this can be significantly less. The average turn-around time for images received on CD/DVD can be 6 to 7 days depending on the postal/courier service used.

Before each order is completed each member has the facility to review their images via their Private Gallery on the web (if they have requested this facility - there is no extra charge) where you can request further changes to be made to specific images, including selecting different Options (perhaps having certain images changed to B&W or Spot Coloured). The Private Gallery also provides an effect communication tool between you and the operator where you can discuss specific enhancements.