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Print Fulfillment Options

Firstly, each photographer has the option to use the Print Fulfilment service, or not. There is no requirement that, because you use Pro-Darkroom to display your images, you then have to use our Print Fulfilment services. Many photographers are perfectly happy with how their printing is done already and, if thatís the case, weíre not going to push you to change.

If you do opt for the Print Fulfilment service, there are 4 main options you can choose from:

If you choose to use our recommended Lab, it is your responsibility to ensure that a CD/DVD of the high-resolution images is sent to the Lab, clearly marked with your details and the Event name, as soon as the images have been placed on-line.

If you have entered the details for your own Lab, it is your responsibility to agree with that Lab whether they will store your high-resolution images and how they will fulfil your orders. All we can do is send both you and them a copy of the order/dispatch note and trust that you have put an agreement in place.

If you would like any further details on this service please contact us and we will happy to assist.