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Pro-Gallery Pricing

One Price, One service, Everything as Standard ...

We believe in keeping things simple.  We don't have various packages, and we don't charge extra for additional features.  We have one price (which may be discounted depending on certain factors) and everything is standard.

There's no Setup Fee When you signup for the first time you'll find a 90% discount coupon for you to use on your first month.  Please remember to use the coupon for your first monthly payment.

You pay 29.00 per month Our standard charge is just 29.00 per month ... it's that simple.

Transaction Handing Charges on Your Sales As with any company that accepts payment by Credit/Debit card facilities, we incur a transaction charge when we handle your reprint sales.  It is necessary for us to pass these charges on to the photographer.  We only deduct 5% (incl. VAT) per transaction.  Please note, if you choose to take payments by any other method than the standard Credit/Debit card facility (or integrate your own Merchant Account) then we do not deduct any charges (if we don't incur them, why then should we charge them?).  We only pass on the costs we incur on your transactions.

Require Extra Space? Should you ever require extra space we would charge and further 10 per gigabyte. Bear in mind you already have enough space for over 50,000 images, so most photographers are unlikely to need to purchase further space, but then it's up to you how long you leave your galleries up for.

Bespoke Website Creation If you don't already have a website (or you just want a change) and you don't feel you want to use the site building facility we include as standard, we are always happy to talk to you about a bespoke design - or we can recommend other suppliers. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us and we'll do our best to help.