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Pro-Schools Service In Detail

How the Pro-Schools service works:

On entering the Pro-Schools “New Upload” option the client is presented with a screen requesting the following details:

This creates the new “Event” to which the client may add further detail if required.

The client then selects the copies of all the reduced images to upload and the upload routine will commence.

During the upload process each image is assigned a unique, randomly generated, 6 character alpha/numeric reference.

Once the images have been uploaded the photographer has the option to add further details to each record by uploading a .csv file which may include any of the following:

All errors are placed in an Error Log file and made available to the client.

The processed data is then added to the relevant records and any errors are reported via the use of the error log.

Upload Batch Maintenance & Output

Once the images have been uploaded the photographer has the ability to view a screen that displays a list of uploads showing the following details:

The photographer has the ability to export the data in a number of ways:

A detailed example of the record can be seen here.

If you require further, more detailed, information on any specific areas of the Pro-Schools system, please email us at Pro-Darkroom and we will be very happy to answer your queries.

If you already use an automated system on location (some photographers have the ability to allocate, and print-off, a reference at the time of the shoot) we can tailor the upload/download features to interface with your specific system. Obviously, depending on complexity, there may be a small charge to cover the development costs.