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Pro-Schools Service Overview

The Pro-Schools service is an additional facility automatically provided to all Pro-Gallery clients as a no-cost option.

As part of the Pro-Gallery service all clients receive a minimum of 1 gigabyte of storage space. Any images stored for use within the Pro-Schools service are also part of that same 2 gigabytes of storage.

General Overview

The Pro-Schools service has been specifically designed to allow photographers to upload images of pupils, assign (or allow the system to assign) a unique password against each image (or multiple images if required) and to give the appropriate password(s) to each parent.

Parents can then enter the password(s) into the system and view/order the relevant images in the knowledge that, unless they give out the password(s) no one else can see the image(s) of their child.

In simple terms, the photographer uploads reduced copies of the images. Either the system, or the photographer, assigns a password to each image (or group of images if required) and then gives the appropriate password to each parent.

The system has been designed to accommodate various workflow requirements that individual photographer’s may use. This allows for greater flexibility in how each photographer uses the system. More information on the exact workflows can be found in the Service – In Detail section.