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Specifically Designed for School Photographers ...

All these features are included as standard as part of our Pro-School service.

We've added brief descriptions so you can relate these to your business and understand how you can benefit from them. It's not a complete list (we didn't see the need to go to that level of detail here). We're always happy to discuss all the features in detail with you - and remember, everything is standard.

No setup fees

We don't change anything for setting you up, or for support.  It's very quick and easy and we're here to help.

Full e-Commerce Facilities

The ability to sell online, accepting a wide range of credit and debit cards is a standard part of our Pro-Schools service.  Should you require it, you also have the option to accept other forms of payment as well.

Included as Standard with the Pro-Gallery Service

All Pro-Darkroom Clients subscribing to our Pro-Gallery Service (Wedding, Event and Sports style galleries) have automatic access to the Pro-Schools facility at no extra charge.

Integrated Galleries

We believe the best place for your galleries is in your site - not in another window, displaying some other company's URL (web address).  All you need to do is add one line of code, which we give you, to your site and you're up and running - it's that simple. If you don't already have a site, don't worry, we can host one for you - free of charge.

Secure  Individual Access by Image or Child

To gain access to the images, the viewer is required to have both the Event Login and the Unique password for their child.  During the upload process each image is assigned a unique password by the system.  If you have already allocated a password to each child on the day of the shoot (or use another method to allocate your passwords) these can be easily uploaded to replace the system-allocated passwords.  This gives you complete control over the allocation and maintenance of passwords.

Choice of Password Notification Output

For those photographers that have not already created their own passwords (or informed the parents) there is of choice of printed formats to allow this information to be dispatched after the images have been uploaded.

Free Website Builder

Don't have a website?  You do, but just fancy a change?  If you do, you have free access to use our online website development tool.  With over 300 professional templates, the ability to include galleries, feedback forms, blogs, Macromedia Flash, and much more, it really is a very powerful tool. Despite this, it is very easy to use - if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use our builder.

Free Website Hosting

You can continue to host your website where it is now (our service can be included into most sites), or you can choose to host it with us (including full e-mail facilities) - it's up to you.

Unlimited number of Images per Event

We do not set any restriction on the number of images you can include in an Event, and with the ability to hold in excess of 50,000 images (not that we've actually ever checked how many images our clients have on-line), most photographers are unlikely to reach any limits.

Create all your own Products

What products (re-prints, canvas wraps, framed images, key-rings, etc.) you sell is totally up to you. You can create as many products as you like, call them what you want, and set your own prices.

Create Multi-Image and Multi-Aperture Products

This facility allows you to create combined products from your original Product List and then to sell them as a "package".  For example, you may want to offer your clients 6 images of different sizes (they don't need to all be the same picture, either) at a discounted price, and combine it as one product.  You may also want to sell a number of images based on a pre-defined template (perhaps a portrait photographer might wish to offer multi-aperture frames, or a School Photographer might wish to sell two separate images in one mount along with a key-ring).  All this is possible.

Maintain Multiple Sets of Default Product Lists

Many photographers choose to set different prices depending on the type of work they do.  You have the ability to maintain any number of defaults sets of products/prices and call them what you want.  This significantly speeds up the process of creating your events and managing your sales.

Include Example Images of your Products

This feature is very useful when you are selling products like Canvas Wraps or Framed Images. By including an example of the product you are more likely to make the sale.

Include Discounts

You can include discounts by both Volume and by Value.  For example, you may wish to offer a discount (you choose the percentage) if the buyer purchases X number of 8x6 prints, or you could choose to give your client a discount if their total purchase exceeds a particular value.  This is an ideal way to encourage your clients to purchase more images. 

Image Protection

Worried about your viewers copying your images?  Don't.  With our watermarking facility you can add your own text (even different text for each event) and choose the colour, size, opacity and angle. The right-hand mouse is also disabled to block any attempts to copy the image via the menu system as well.

Optional Print Facilities (Country dependant)

Many photographers choose to print and despatch their own orders, some would rather leave it all in the hands of a Professional Laboratory.  You have the choice - in fact, you have three choices. You can choose to fulfil your reprint orders just as you do now, you can choose to add the details of the Lab you already use (assuming they will print and despatch your orders for you), or you can choose to use our Recommended Lab (dependant on your country of residence) and have them manage your orders for you.  Whichever you choose, our system will work for you.

Track Visitor Numbers for each Event

Every wondered how many clients have actually viewed an event?  With our tracking system you can run a report that tells you how many visits have been made to each of your events during a specific period.

No Time Limits on how long Events remain on-line

We don't set limits on how long you choose to leave your events on-line.  We believe that on-line galleries are an extremely powerful form of advertising and, because of this, leave you to decide on how to manage your business - it's your site!

Space for a least 50,000 images

Theoretically, we limit the number of images a photographer can have on-line at any one time to a little over 50,000. In practice, we've never bothered to check and we maintain a "fair use" policy. Should it become a issue, we'd politely suggest you might wish to purchase more space or remove a few of your older events.

Large 600x600 pixel Image Display

The current limit on any individual image is 600x600 pixels.  We find this is generally large enough to allow your clients to gain a decent view of your images.

Email Notification of Purchases, including Thumbnails

As soon as a transaction takes place on any of your galleries, you receive an e-mail providing you with the details of the sale.  This email includes a thumbnail of each image purchased, plus all the usual delivery and contact details.  The confirmation e-mail to your client "appears" as if it has been sent by you - not us.

Powerful Gallery Administration Area

As you can imagine, you need a powerful Administration Facility to manage all these features.  You have your own login to a secure on-line Member's Area giving you the ability to completely manage your own galleries.  Plus, if you need any help, we're here to support you.

Additional Standard Features

As we've already said, this isn't a complete list of all the features/facilities we provide.  If you have any queries or want to discuss any specific features/requirements you have, that are not listed here, please contact us.  Our system is incredibly flexible and includes more features than any other provider, and it all comes as standard!